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The Company:-

1. Accepts no liability for loss of or damage to vehicles or property. This does not affect the Bridge users' statutory rights.

2. Reserves the right temporarily to close the Bridge for re-construction/repairs without paying any compensation or issuing refunds. Any refunds issued will be purely discretionary.

3. Reserves the right to impose speed limits on the Bridge and its approaches.

4. To withdraw/cancel any discount/card system at any time without paying compensation or giving refunds. Any refunds given will be purely discretionary. (The Company stresses that it is under no legal obligation to give discounts of any sort).

5. For any person abusing/misusing/attempting to defraud any discount/card system, assaulting, verbally or physically abusing staff, the right to withdraw that person's discount/card without paying compensation or giving a refund.

6. Reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £10 for lost cards and accepts no liability to compensate card users for any unused crossings on lost cards.

7. Will not sell more than one card at a time to prevent traffic queues.

8. the Company reserves the right to amend any outstanding crossing balances on Dunham Bridge prepayment cards to reflect any changes in toll prices or other associated conditions, after giving a minimum notice of 14 calendar days.

Dunham bridge in the olden days
Dunham bridge in the olden days
Dunham bridge in the olden days